Handgun Training Class

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If you are considering purchasing a handgun for personal protection or if you already have a handgun but have little or no experience – attend our five hour Basic Handgun Class and you will learn:

  • Firearm safety, in depth
  • Firearm function and terminology – revolvers & autoloaders
  • Ammunition terminology
  • Shooting fundamentals
  • Live firing under close professional supervision
  • Firearm cleaning, care, and maintenance
  • Laws regarding California firearms ownership
  • ALL materials are provided (guns, ammo, targets, ear/eye protection)

Instructor(s): Preston Rusch and staff. Mr. Rusch is a NRA certified instructor with over twenty years of teaching experience.

Classes every month. Thousands of satisfied customers!

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Optional Handgun Safety Certificate for California handgun purchase: $25

Private lessons for one to five individuals are available by appointment.